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eBookGirl.com consists of a team of genre fiction industry experts and readers committed to the idea of helping readers find ebook reads in the romance genre. Our focus is on enhancing discoverability for terrific authors and books and curating the best content we can find for romance readers. The authors we follow may be complete unknowns or they may have high-profile New York print careers besides their own ebook projects.

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  1. Adlah July 22, 2015 at 8:55 pm #

    you can always caecnl the check. Just talk to your bank and get your funds wired back. Or contact the organization and demand a full refund.It’s been almost 2 years since I wrote this post. I am still amazed that this organization still hoodwinks so many people. Sincerely I hope they change their model and execute their mission because the heart strings on this one are pretty serious ones to pluck. but that’s always part of the grift. Sick kids, wounded soldiers, poor kids in Guatemala, etc. The only thing I can advise is for folks to demand they get something in the mail (full disclosure: I do direct mail fundraising for a living, and not for any organization competing with this or any other children’s foundation). Once it arrives, read it through, look at the package, check them out online to see if they are legitimate, and then do a Google search to see whether they are truly executing their mission or not.If they are, you’ll know pretty quickly, especially if they are a political organization or an education non-profit that draws the fire of their opposition (give to those orgs; pass on the play-it-safe crowd). If they aren’t legit then pass. Your time and money and resources are simply better spent doing other things.

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