Authors and Publishers

Do you have a book you’d like to consider for an upcoming newsletter?

Send an electronic Advance Reading Copy (ARC) or coupon code and download URL to team [at]

It helps to have you include the following information with your request:

  • A short description of the book
  • If the book is a new, original work or if it is backlist republished in ebook format
  • The romance subgenre(s) into which the book should be categorized
  • URLs for author website, product page, social media, and any additional pages that you think we should know about and that will make it easier to research the book
  • Any additional information that you think will help us assess the book for the eBookGirl romance newsletter audience. For example, if you were a NY published author under a different name writing for a different genre in your past history, that would be interesting for us to know!

Though we would love to do so, we are not able to feature every ebook submitted. But we want you to know how much we appreciate the time and energy it takes to send materials in to our staff.

Would you like to purchase advertising on the website and/or inside the newsletter?

Send an email to team [at] inquiring about our rates and open slots.

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