New Releases: Christmas Romance (Hot!), Swashbuckling Historicals and More!

New releases in the spotlight as of 12/06/12: We’re looking at an erotic Christmas romance anthology tied up in a BDSM bow, a contemporary/paranormal about a hero who has special healing powers, and an historical with a swashbuckling scholar…

Red Hot Holiday by K.A. Mitchell, Leah Braemel, Anne Calhoun (Erotica)
Christmas Romance + Erotic Stories + BDSM.  Be careful, because it’s the sort of short story collection that just might make your tree spontaneously combust.
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Making Sense by Serenity Woods (Paranormal)
A fresh twist on the paranormal romance genre, this one’s got a major contemporary streak.  It features a brooding hero who woke up from a car accident with the ability to heal.  Hmm…something tells me the heroine needs some hands-on treatment.
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Obsession Wears Opals by Renee Bernard (Historical)
Her Jaded Gentleman series has gotten rave reviews across the board.  This one’s her latest and it features a gentleman scholar hero who is part of a secret society.  Looks like he’s going to pull his nose out of his book long enough to save the heroine from her abusive husband.
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