Free eBooks and Deals: Opposites Attract, Erotic Shapeshifters, Regency Rakes

Free romance and erotic ebooks and deals for the week of 12/25/12:

Top Cat and Tales by Elizabeth Bevarly (Paranormal/Fantasy)
Who doesn’t love an Opposites Attract trope? This novella features bookish professor Abby and the Harley-riding, leather-wearing bad boy upstairs neighbor that she’s too shy to talk to.  Enter the “fantasy” part of the story: Turns out that Cupid has been a very bad boy, so his mother sends him down from Mt. Olympus in the guise of a cat (yes, you read that right) to do one good deed. BOOM! There’s your bonus matchmaking cat theme.
Buy: .99 at Amazon | .99 at B&N | .99 at Kobo
The Sweetest Revenge by Dawn Halliday (Historical)
He was bad.  Very, very bad.  He not only seduced and abandoned our heroine Isabelle, but he did the same to two of her friends.  So when Isabelle agrees to wreak revenge on the earl who stole their innocence as young girls, it seems like an easy enough task. But what is she going to do when she realizes that seven years have changed the scoundrel and his deliciously tormented history awakens her sympathies?  Okay, so he awakens more than her sympathies (hello, passion!) and this bad boy rake might just make her fall in love with him all over again.
Buy: FREE (exclusive) at Amazon | N/A at B&N | N/A at Kobo
Waking Up Married by Mira Lynn Kelly (Contemporary)
A marriage of convenience? More like a marriage of inebriation! When a one-night stand turns into a lifetime commitment, Megan wants out, but her new husband wants to make a go of things. Something tells us things are gonna get a little out of hand in this contemporary romance from Harlequin’s brand new “fun, flirty, and sexy” KISS series.
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Feather Down by Lorie O’Clare (Erotic)
“Were” to even start with this one?  This one crosses a mystery plot with an erotic plot and features humans who shapeshift into were-owls. The first in Lorie O’Clare’s Raptors Revealed series, Feather Down is one of those love it/hate it books.  The normal price is above average, so this is a great opportunity to try the series for free is you use a Kindle, especially if you like a strong female lead.
Buy: FREE at Amazon | 6.37 at B&N | 6.19 at Kobo

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