Hot Gossip: GBLTQ Trends, Booty Buying Blitz, Banned Books Week

USA Today’s Happily Ever After kicks off the convo about what’s hot with readers now that traditional publishers wouldn’t touch ten years ago. Insiders from Riptide Publishing, a “hot young start-up selling GBLTQ stories with a focus on romance” weigh in.  Meanwhile, Dear Author gets the scoop on Bookouture, “a new digital publishing imprint” from a former Harlequin Marketing Controller.

The booty buying frenzy isn’t over yet. Another traditional house, this time Harlequin, picks up a successful self-pubbed e-series.  Congratulations, Bella Andre, on your seven-figure sale of The Sullivans series.

The American Library Association (ALA) helps people get their read on and celebrate Banned Books Week with free samples of the most frequently challenged library books. Galley Cat hooks you up with the top ten.

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